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Sunday, December 28, 2003

Memory Loss

Two elderly gentlemen are playing cards on Saturday evening
as they have done for the past 35 years. Max, the older, had
been having problems remembering what cards were what, and
usually needed help from his wife.

At the end of the card game Ed said to Max, "You did very
good tonight. You didn't need any help at all. Why is that?"

Max replied, "Why ever since my wife sent me to that memory
school, I haven't had any problems at all."

"Memory school? What memory school?"

Max thought for a moment, "Oh, what's that flower that's red
with thorns? A really pretty flower...?"

"A rose?"

"Yeah...that's it!" Max turned to his wife and mumbled,
"Hey, Rose! What's the name of that memory school you sent
me to?"

posted by Gary  # 12/28/2003 12:47:00 AM
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