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Friday, December 26, 2003

The Martian Chronicles (update)

W/ apologies to Ray Bradbury


They were the first to attempt to colonize Mars. They knew it would be
difficult , but they were determined to succeed.

They had landed with grass seeds to plant and embryos of horse, sheep and
cattle. But the grass wouldn't grow, and none of the calves survived. The
horses and sheep were doing well, but there were not enough animals to meet
their needs.

So they sent a message to earth asking for more sheep and horses and a
replacement for the cattle and grass. They particularly wanted an animal
that could be used as meat in place of beef.

Earth radioed back asking if venison would be satisfactory and the
colonists replied it was.

Finally a space shuttle arrived with the needed supplies. The bill of
lading was rushed to the leader of the colony who then spoke to his consul,
"we got everything we asked for," he shouted. . . . "They sent mare zygotes
and doe zygotes and little lambs and ivy." (By Stan Kegel)

posted by Gary  # 12/26/2003 05:11:00 PM
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